Even with over thirty years in business, we're still green.

We primarily focus on interior plantscaping for the commercial client. Lighting, temperature, humidity, space, traffic flow, and air quality are all carefully considered in the design process. We offer a wide variety of container manufacturers with emphasis on the newer eco-friendly styles; many being comprised of up to 80% recycled materials.

Incorporating such containers can help buildings qualify for additional LEED Points. Our industry is very active in reducing the carbon footprint and may qualify the air cleaning properties of plants themselves as LEED credits.

After installation, our professional staff perform all additional maintenance required. You'll get to know your own service technician as they make regular visits watering, trimming, pruning, cleaning, fertilizing and monitoring the overall health of each plant.

Today's energy efficient buildings make a great environment for plant pests to attack; and they can cause severe damage if left unchecked regularly. Our trained service techs will identify and asses the situation, begin treatment or remove the plant before it has and opportunity to spread to others.

Even with the best of care plants will need replacement from time to time. Our guarantee covers replacement of weak plants at no additional cost to you.

At Plantasia we understand the importance of making a good impression, and we're dedicated to presenting fresh, clean plants for a productive and positive work environment.

Five Benefits of Indoor Plants

Air Purifying

Studies by NASA have documented that 15 - 18 small plants for 1800 sq. ft. can filter out 87 % of the VOC's every 24 hours. These toxins are released from carpet, vinyl, man made fibers, paint and inks. High concentrations of Benzene are commonly found in study, reference and office areas where books and printed material are abundant.

Improved Health

Kansas State University studied surgical patients and found adding live plants to the space lowered heart rates and blood pressure. Patients requested less pain medication, reported less fatigue and anxiety. The best result,patients who had a live plants within their eye sight were released earlier than patients without the added benefits of plants. The study determined that just 1 large plant for every 129 sq. ft. was enough to gain all these benefits.

Great Breathing Partners

Just one large plant per 100 sq. ft. can exchange 80% of expelled CO2 - Carbon Dioxide and return clean oxygen to the room.

Balancing Humidity

The Agriculture University of Norway found that plants release 97% of the water they take in as moisture vapor. This allows the plant to create ambient humidity levels to their preferred 50%. Adding moisture to the air helps to decrease incidences of the common cold, sore throat, dry cough and reduces dry skin.

Sharpened Concentration

Once again just having plants within eye sight was found to increased student attention 70% in a study performed by the Royal College of Agriculture in England. So what did we learn from this class? That's right, adding plants makes you healthier, smarter and better looking.

The Right Plants for the Job

How many plants varies with the desired benefits and the size of the space. Our sales staff will come to your facility and help you determine what would be the best fit for your business and space. Next the correct variety of plants for the right conditions must be determined. Plantasia, Inc. can recommend plants for your environment to eliminate Formaldehyde and Benzene such as Dracaena Marginata, or Spider Plant.

Where there is equipment that runs on natural gas or propane releasing nitrogen oxide; the Sansevieria would be a good fit. Even a little mold can be pulled from the air by careful placement of a Spathiphyllum. Give us a call and start feeling better about your office environment.